Vermont Licensed Plumbers Association

The Vermont Licensed Plumbers Association is a membership subscriber body of licensed Vermont plumbers and other interested trade professionals.  The VLPA provides Continuing Education Unit (CEU) seminars and online classes for plumbing license renewal, gas installer re-certification, and fuel oil installer re-certification.  The VLPA also provides its members with timely newsletter mailings to keep up-to-date with state and national trade related issues.

The VLPA has provided more than 700 classes and seminars since 1992.  All classes and instructors are approved by the Plumber's Examining Board (PEB) and Vermont Division of Fire Safety.

Note that the VLPA does not provide plumbing services for repairs, emergencies, contracts or bidding proposals.  If you have a plumbing problem, please contact a local plumbing contractor.

Online registration for online classes and seminars is now available.  If you wish to pay by check or cash, require a custom class registration, can't find previous certificates of attendance, or other situations, please contact Brad Talbot at (802) 728-5400.

In order to potentially save you time and money, be sure to check your current renewal CEU credit hour status before you register.  Since many VLPA classes provide "piggy-back" credit hours for gas and fuel oil installer renewal, you may need to register by phone for "custom" class hours.

We are now offering single two-hour long CEU classes in the evening during the work week.  These approved classes are provided using an online, real-time conference with live instruction.  You will be able to stay at home and earn your renewal hours.  Contact Brad Talbot for specifics concerning computer hardware and software requirements for online attendance.  Further information will be posted on our web site.